Artistic Notes

Shortlisted for the Pebeo Mixed Media Art Prize 2018


I was thrilled to have received a letter in the post telling me a piece of work had been selected out of over 500 entrants for the Pebeo Mixed Media Art Prize 2018. Sponsored by The Meiner Gallery, and featuring special guest artist Nancy Wood, my painting ‘Catching Crayfish at Strangford’ will be on display from the 26th of June to 29th June 2018 at The Meiner Gallery Southwark and kicks off with a Private View.

The painting uses a whole variety of medium including acrylic, acrylic ink, gold leaf Gede, gilding paste, PVA, Vitreal, Irish hessian, Irish linen, Cerne relief, indian ink , oil pastels, claypaint, gesso, concentrated watercolours and polyfilla.

Inspired by a sleepy little fishing village in the district of Downpatrick, the original name of the village was ‘Strangfyorde’ and old Norse name meaning ‘strong fjord’. It was featured in the Game of Thrones series (The Narrow Sea Boat Voyage Scene). Strangford is an area of outstanding natural beauty and is rich in marine wildlife, enjoying a status as World Heritage Nature reserve. This artwork captures a time when I would visit to escape unbalanced political turbulence of the city. We would spend hours there making home made fishing nets, dipping them deep into the lough and pulling them up with anticipation of a Crayfish‘catch’. Those we caught would be cooked on an open campfire and washed down with homemade lemonade. The perfect escape.